Welcome Dylan, Sarah, Sid, Sara and Anuraag!

Dylan joins us as a new Research Assistant, Sara joins us as a new PhD student, while Sarah, Sid and Anuraag join us as new postdoctoral fellows. Welcome all!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Bernstein lab and friends!

Welcome Laura, Peter, and Will!

Laura joins us as the new Lab Manager. Peter joins us from John Dick’s lab at the University of Toronto. Will is coming to us from Jeremy Rich’s lab at the Cleveland Clinic. Welcome!

Single cell RNA-seq study of primary glioblastoma featured in the Boston Globe

Anoop Patel, Mario Suvà, Shawn Gillespie with Itay Tirosh from the Regev lab and co-authors have described in new detail tumor heterogeneity in primary glioblastoma. The study, published this week in Science, shows the diverse set of transcriptional profiles that are present in primary tumors. The Boston Globe featured the study and brings it to … Continued

Suvà et al. describe four transcription factors key to glioblastoma tumor propogation

Mario Suvà, Esther Rheinbay, Shawn Gillespie, and Anoop Patel from this lab and colleagues have discovered a set of key transcription factors underlying glioblastoma stem-like cells. From the Broad blog: Glioblastoma, the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer in adults, remains effectively incurable. Evidence suggests that “stem-like” cells help drive this difficult-to-treat … Continued

Welcome Ik-Soo

Another exciting addition to the group: Ik-Soo Kim! He joins us from the Baek laboratory in the School of Biological Sciences at Seoul National University, South Korea.

Mendenhall et al featured on Broad blog

Eric Mendenhall’s paper Locus-specific editing of histone modifications at endogenous enhancers was featured over the the Broad blog. Congratulations Eric!

Team GBM reveals the importance of ASCL1

Esther, Mario, Shawn and coauthors published their work on “An aberrant transcription factor network essential for Wnt signaling and stem cell maintenance in glioblastoma” in Cell Reports. Another success for Team GBM.