Brad Bernstein is the Director of both the Broad Institute Gene Regulation Observatory(GRO) and the Epigenomics Program.

The Broad Institute established the Gene Regulation Observatory (GRO) in 2020 with the goal of moving towards a functional, base-resolved map of the non-coding genome and its regulatory functions. The GRO community will generate foundational data and predictive models with the long-term goal to predict the regulatory role of each base in the human genome across cellular states. The current team of collaborators can be found here.

The mission of the Epigenomics Program is to define the regulatory potential of the human genome and its role in human health and disease.

The Epigenomics Program consists of:

  • Director Brad Bernstein and Co-Director Cigall Kadoch
  • A steering committee of Boston area scientists and Broad staff scientists
  • 3 core staff scientist led groups, led by program Associate Directors Chuck Epstein, Noam Shoresh, and Andi Gnirke.
  • A large community of Broad Associate member labs.

The key areas of the Program are:

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