Lawyer and pastoral counselor: A team for divorce counseling.

Journal of religion and health

The dull thud of the gavel ends a way of life. At the same time, a new status that is both easier and more difficult is created. Gone is the strain of an unhappy home full of bitterness, recriminations, and unhappy memories that can be recalled and repeated like peeling off the layers of an onion. On the horizon is a new way life, full of optimism and aspirations. Yet this new life is not without its own hazards. Life is like a river that may run smooth for a while but that ultimately will face rapids. We can almost hear the rapids in the distance and know they are there. We don’t know now exactly what form they will take and exactly how they can be overcome.When spouses face a divorce, they are intimately involved in unfamiliar territory. With the help of a qualified pastoral counselor and an attorney functioning as an interdisciplinary team, they can face divorce and post-divorce problems bravely, in an informed manner, with proper perspective and realistically. Each should be prepared to discuss and evaluate the future relationship of the parties and their children in the areas of future finances, credit, the second marriage, visitation, relationship to the children, and their insurance estates. Then there are few surprises. The new life can begin with an increased awareness that prepares each party for future contingencies. Also, the lawyer and pastoral counselor become a supportive team who are available both now and in the future.