Stem Cell Circuits

Chromatin regulators, such as the Polycomb and trithorax complexes, play critical roles in controlling the expression and potential of genes during development. We identified a novel chromatin structure, termed bivalent domains, that is subject to simultaneous regulation by Polycomb repressors and trithorax activators. Bivalent domains appear to keep developmental regulator genes poised in pluripotent embryonic stem cells and may also serve similar functions in multipotent progenitor cells. Current studies are leveraging a new generation of experimental assays to characterize the functions of bivalent domains and to understand the mechanisms that underlie their establishment and function.

See also Center for Cell Circuits (CEGS – Center of Excellence in Genomic Science)


  • Noam Shoresh, PhD
  • Ik Soo Kim, PhD
  • Jingyi Wu, PhD